Ecconnect | CTO / System Architect / UNIX Team Leader

ECConnect is a leading provider of all-in-one provisioning, billing and client management solutions for Optus Wholesale Service providers. Since I start company is also doing service management provider for few telecommunication companies (biggest one worth ~ 400mln)


Role Profile

I was hired as linux administrator/team lead, but very shortly become manager for 9 people service management team that I built within company. My responsible was people management, strategic direction, budget preparation, vendor relationships, planning and operation for our and our customers IT systems, but also being hands on whenever needed and architect new environments.



– When I started – there was only 1 system administrator. I drove company to have 9 system administrators located in two different time zones and providing 24/7/365 follow the sun support.
– Migrate few customers from they own hardware to AWS Cloud
– Allow company to diversify their business and do both development and service management

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Marek Knappe