Hello, I am Marek Knappe

AWS System Architect | Linux/Unix Administrator | Senior Devops

More than 12 years in IT industry is long enough to have work experience with very small systems, through medium size to very large enterprise, PCI compliant, environments for banking industry. I Have been working as the only one IT professional in company, and with large team cooperating with other specialized teams.

I have various knowledge from hardware level (blades, storages, switches and routers) , through different OS (AIX, Linux, windows), databases (MySQL, noSQL, MariaDB, DB Clusters, PostgreSQL), cloud computing (AWS, Azure, Rackspace) to  PCI DSS, agile/SCRUM and ITIL procedures

Personal Info

  • NameMarek Knappe
  • Date of BirthSeptember 09, 1985
  • e-mailmarek . knappe at gmail dot com
  • LocationBrisbane
  • Phone+61 46 846 1985


  • *NIX (Centos, RHEL, AIX) 100%

  • AWS 90%

  • Relational databases (MySQL, NDB, Galera, PostgreSQL) 90%

  • Virtualization (ESX / PowerVM / Docker / Openstack) 85%

  • SAN (IBM DS/SVC/XIV, Dell, EMC) 90%

  • People Management 85%

  • Programming (PHP, bash, perl) 85%

  • Configuration Management (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt 85%

  • CI/CD (TeamCity, RunDeck, Jenkins, Bamboo) 90%





  • Freelancer

    UNIX Level 2 - 98%
    MySQL Level 1 - 93%
    AWS - 83%

  • PPH

    LINUX - 88% (TOP 20%)
    PHP5 - 78% (TOP 5%)
    Adanced PHP - 82% (TOP 5%)
    UNIX - 95% (TOP 10%)
    Red Hat Linux 9.0 Admin - 72%

  • CCNA (Expired in 2002)

Work Experience

  • Ecconnect | CTO / System Architect / UNIX Team Leader
    2012 - 2016

    ECConnect is a leading provider of all-in-one provisioning, billing and client management solutions for Optus Wholesale Service providers. Since I start company is also doing service management provider for few telecommunication companies (biggest one worth ~ 400mln)

    Role Profile
    I was hired as linux administrator/team lead, but very shortly become manager for 9 people service management team that I built within company. My responsible was people management, strategic direction, budget preparation, vendor relationships, planning and operation for our and our customers IT systems, but also being hands on whenever needed and architect new environments.  

    - When I started - there was only 1 system administrator. I drove company to have 9 system administrators located in two different time zones and providing 24/7/365 follow the sun support.
    - Migrate few customers from they own hardware to AWS Cloud
    - Allow company to diversify their business and do both development and service management

    2010 - 2012

    IBM GSDC Poland is branch of IBM which is doing service management for many major customers in Europe. Our team was supporting biggest banks and energy companies in Europe. Around 1000+ servers environment.

    Role Profile
    As IBM was still starting in Poland my main responsibility was be sure that transition of customers from IBM DE, IBM FI to IBM PL will go as smooth as possible. This required from me a lot of architect knowledge, but also a lot of management skills to help my manager to keep team happy and productive. I was helping project managers in all transitions and negotiations with client about new hardware needed for demand. Also doing hands-on tasks to keep everything going well.

    - Successfully convinced few customers that going with IBM PL was good decision
    - Make transition IBM Germany to IBM PL possible
    - Being technical team lead for 30 people team

  • Jel-Car | IT Manager / Devops

    Jel-car is large car dealer/workshop. Hiring around 100 people there is large demand for very good IT infrastructure which is making employers live easier, and customer service more effective.

    Role Profile
    As manager of IT I was responsible for efficiency of all IT systems and all processes that involve IT in any way (or could involve). At the time I started to introduce BI reporting into the company and drive many innovations for the customer experience and process flow for all mechanic and dealership.

    - Wrote and introduced new part management system (PHP language)
    - Introduced new customer service system
    - Wrote new software to managing data within few systems (PHP)


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    If you wish to contact me, just send me an email to MyName dot MySurname at gmail.com 🙂


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Marek Knappe